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This product deals with Mute mobile rings during Muslim prayer timings. It is a unique product of it's own. This idea is globally patented by us.

It is developed on different platforms like Symbian OS with C++ and Java .

It is having almost have all city locations to mute on prayer timings.based on sunrise and sunset.

It mute the mobile device automatically at prayer time based on there location. During the mute time of the mobiles, all miss calls will be stored at device and delivered to them after the user application resume. It automatically get back to normal mode after the required delay time. there is also a possibility to extend the delay time, Duration time, friday settings, Play Athan, No Athan, other sounds, Supplicaions text and alerts for Fajr and Mugrib prayers, 1000 Fatwa Questions & Answers only for Arabic version, Two language supports Arabic and English, Qiblah Direction, Events to mute during Meetings , Sleeping and other times, Mathab and Calculation settings included.

Features :

  • Mute Mobile rings during prayer time based on location.
  • All calls made during prayer time will be delivered as Miss calls list.
  • Enable / Disable feature when required.
  • Supplication alert feature.
  • Can extend Delay/ Duration time for prayer/ supplication time.
  • Azan Sound at prayer time.
  • Qubla direction feature to show the correct location.
  • Fatwa Text
  • Athkar Text alert at required times.

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